General Onboarding Template

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Hello, [NAME]!

Welcome to the team, [NAME]. We're happy you are here and we can't wait to get to know you.

Starting a new job is exciting, and we know it can be a lot to take in! Below is a run-down that will help you get acquainted with how we do things here at Company, as well as what you should plan to do and accomplish in your first few weeks with us. We encourage you to read, watch, learn, and ask questions! Our goals during onboarding include:

  • Ensuring you feel welcome and supported
  • Introducing you to our culture and way of working
  • Familiarizing you with our team processes
  • Helping you set your first goals and wins

Start Date: DATE


This is your hub for checking off all things onboarding over the next few weeks!

Onboarding Checklist - [NAME]
Onboarding Checklist - [NAME]


Add any important resources, such as company handbook



Your peer buddy: [Name], [Role]

Your manager: [Name], [Role]

Your team: [assigned team if applicable]


[NAME] is your Manager

He/She/They is/are accountable for enabling your success on the team, creating opportunities for you to grow, responding to your feedback, and coaching you through milestones in your career.

[NAME] is your Peer Buddy

He/She/They is/are responsible for helping you through your onboarding process, meeting frequently to answer questions and unblock you, and encouraging your growth in your first few weeks.


He/She/They is/are ultimately responsible for the success of [XYZ]. [NAME] is a great resource for [XYZ].


This is an outline of your first 2-3 months at Township, including what we will do together and where we expect to be at the end of this process.

Key Goals:

List overarching goals of the onboarding process here for your new hire.

  1. Learn about the culture at COMPANY and carve out your niche
  2. Dive into team culture and customs with the eye of an anthropologist. What does the day-to-day look like? How do we solve problems as a group? Who are the experts in our different domains? Where can you step in first to make a positive difference? Ultimately work with your manager to set personal goals for your first year and present them to the team.

  3. Goal 2
  4. Description 2

  5. Goal 3
  6. Description 3

  7. Goal 4
  8. Description 4


Milestone 1 - Get Settled

[INSERT DATE RANGE - first week]

Your first week will be a lot of onboarding and getting to know the team. Refer to your onboarding checklist above to get you rolling!

Milestone 2 - Start Contributing


To check off this milestone you'll be doing XYZ. Let your manager know what areas you feel confident jumping in on and what areas you need more guidance on.

Milestone 3 - Task Execution


By now you're ready to bite off some meatier tasks! There are # for you to pursue:

  • Task/project 1
  • Task/project 2
Milestone 4 - Project Execution


By now you're ready to bite off some meatier tasks! There are # for you to pursue:

  • Task/project 1
  • Task/project 2
Milestone 4 - Looking towards the future


Setting long-term goals. We'll be working together in 1:1's to map out a longer-term career path. We'll start by going over our engineering framework together and over time we'll create a 'custom level 4 framework' which is how we customize career frameworks for engineers who have reached a certain level of expertise.

Your growth doesn't end here, grasshopper! 🦗

Learning is a lifelong act and it’s Company’s mission is to continue providing growth opportunities. Still, take a moment to breathe deeply and appreciate your accomplishments! Way to go!