Township’s Interview Process

Township’s Interview Process

This page is for those who are curious about what the interview process is like when applying for a position at Township. Below you will find our process outlined step-by-step, along with some tips to help you feel prepared along the way. We make this information publicly available because we believe that transparency makes for a better, more fair workplace for all. (Learn more here:


A Note on Accommodations: If you would benefit from the use of accommodations during the interview process, please know that we welcome your request for them at any stage. We invite you to send us your accommodation requests and we will do what we can to support you. You are not required to disclose your disability status or reason for need during the interview process in order to receive accommodations.

Step 1: Apply

The first step in our hiring process is to submit an application. Our application process is managed through Homerun and open positions can be found here. Our application form requests a some combination of the following:

  • Name, location
  • Resume, sometimes an online portfolio
  • Confirmation that the provided salary is acceptable (learn more about our
    Transparent Compensation
  • A few questions that will require a few sentences of writing. You will also be given the chance to submit questions to our team.

Once submitting an application, you will receive an email confirming receipt. At this point, all applications are reviewed internally, and follow-up responses are shared with each and every applicant. We make it our goal to respond within one week of receiving your application.

How to be successful at this stage:

The open ended questions are a great place to showcase what you hope to both offer and gain from the Township team, and specifics go a long way. Your questions for us give a good feel for your level of interest in the role as well. And one more small thing: submitting your resume as a PDF helps keep our process streamlined!

Step 2: Screening Call

The next step in our process is a screening call. Applicants who seem like a good fit will be invited to schedule a 30-45 minute Zoom call with someone on our People Team, and the conversation will focus a bit on your previous experience as well as what you're looking for in your next role. You will also be given lots of time to ask questions, should you have any.

We make it our goal to contact you within one week of your screening call to let you know if you'll be advanced to the next round.

How to be successful at this stage:

These conversations are most productive when you’re able to call in from a computer in a quiet space. This is a great time to ask questions specifically about Township’s internal culture. Also, please don’t feel awkward asking questions specifically about compensation—we’re an open book! We recognize that these are crucial pieces of information in the early stages of discerning your next career move.

Step 3: Take Home Challenge

This phase in our interview process is used to learn more about what skills you bring to this role. You will be given a prompt and a time limit, relevant to your role and level of experience. Once completed, you will submit your assignment to our team for review. Depending on your discipline, time limits for these assignments are usually between 2-4 hours.

Please note, we pay applicants for their time for this portion of the screening process (typically a flat rate of $300).

We make it our goal to contact you within one week of you submitting your take home challenge to let you know if we’d like to include you in our next interview step.

How to be successful at this stage:

This is your time to show us what you’ve got. If the instructions are unclear to you, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification—we won’t find that awkward or annoying at all. Also, if the prompt requires you to learn a new tool or technology, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask if other options are available.

Step 4: Take Home Challenge Review and Panel Interview

This step is a two-part interview that typically lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

Part 1: The first part of the interview is a time in which you will review your take home challenge with a few members of our team. You should plan to spend about 10-15 minutes explaining your work. Then the team will ask you questions, and you'll have time to ask your own as well. This is an opportunity to learn more about the team that you may join.

Part 2: Immediately following your take home challenge review, you will have a fairly traditional interview in which we go over your education and work history (we call this the “panel” interview).

At the end of this session, you will be given lots of time to ask questions and learn more about what it means to work at Township. This is your final formal interview, so you may use it to address any outstanding concerns you might have. We want you to feel like you have all of your questions answered so you feel prepared to make a decision, should you receive an offer.

We make it our goal to follow up with you within one week of your interview to let you know if you’re still being considered for the position.

How to be successful at this stage:

This can feel like a bit of a doozy, we get it. It’s a long conversation with several people and many questions. You will be given a chance to take a quick screen break between sections of this interview.

For the take home challenge review, we suggest practicing a walk through of your work a few times ahead of the meeting, making sure you can fit in all you want to say in 10-15 minutes, and confirming that Zoom and screensharing work.

As for the panel interview, you can prepare for this conversation by revisiting your resume and thinking through the highs and lows of each of your previous positions. Feel free to reference notes at this time if you’d find that to be helpful.

Step 5: Reference Checks

Our final step in screening applicants is checking a few references. Typically we request three references, who may be reached via phone and email. No one will be contacted without the express permission of the applicant.

How to be successful at this stage:

Reference checks move smoothly when references are expecting us to contact them and have a little bit of context about the role.

Step 6: Offer

Finally, you receive an offer! You will receive a written offer and be given a deadline by which it must be accepted. Our offers are negotiable, especially in regards to start date, however our salaries are firm.

When this process goes as planned, it takes about four weeks, from initial post to job offer made.

How to be successful at this stage:

Think through what outstanding questions you still have about the role and/or Township. We want you to feel totally comfortable making your decision, so reach out for clarification about anything at this stage that would help you navigate.