Exercise 3: Shoot the Moon


We’ve reflected on our year, what’s good and bad, what’s working and not working. We’ve rediscovered our purpose and brought clarity to what exactly draws us to stay. Now it’s time to write the next chapter.

In this section we’re going to be talking about big picture goals. This is not the time to get specific, and these goals do not have to be time sensitive. This is the time to stay zoomed out, bird’s eye view, big picture, however you want to think about it. We’ll get into the details later.

What you leave this session with: three overarching, company-wide goals for next year.

Example Exercise:

1. Shoot The Moon

When thinking about the upcoming year… what would blow us away if we could pull it off? This should be a mini-stretch; something ambitious, but not impossible.

Write down anything and everything. Once you start seeing patterns form, start moving ideas into categories (such as Recruiting, Marketing, etc.)

2. Now Build a Spaceship

Start narrowing things down.

Create a maximum of three goals that get us as close to the moon as possible. Stay high level, more details later.

3. Now Review

How many of us are truly lit up by this list? This is not the time to be polite. Goals will only stay on this list if we are unanimously excited by them.